Big Bend Country

Sometimes Big Bend Country is referred to as West Texas. Visitors come to Big Bend National Park, the Rio Grande River, Guadalupe National Park, the Davis Mountains and the cities and towns of Big Bend Country, like El Paso, Midland, Odessa, Alpine, Del Rio, Langtry, Marfa, Wink, Terlingua and others.

In Big Bend Country you can surf down a sand dune at Monahans  Sandhills State Park. Or take a dip in one of the largest manmade pools in America at Balmorhea State Park.

Some non-Texans think Texas is all desert, cactus, tumbleweeds wild west type scenery. If that is the Texas you want to see, Big Bend Country is where you'll see it.

Below is a list of some of the towns and attraction in the Big Bend Country Region. For more Bend Country information go to our Eyes on Texas Big Bend Country Region webpage....

Known as the "Hub of the Big Bend," Alpine is home to Sul Ross University, the Big Bend Museum and several other attractions.

This is the location of San Solomon Springs, in Balmorhea State Park.

Big Bend National Park Area
The biggest national park in Texas. And the most scenic. A river called Rio Grande runs through it, creating a beautiful canyon.

Del Rio 
This Texas border town is located on the shores of Lake Amistad and the Rio Grande, offering bird watchers, boaters and fishermen plenty birds, water and fish. Del Rio is also home to a number of museums and the oldest winery in Texas, the Val Verde Winery.

El Paso
El Paso is the largest American city on the Mexican border. Across the Rio Grande, Juarez is Mexico's largest city on the border. The 2 towns have a combined population of over 2 million.

Fort Davis
This town grew from an army post founded in 1854. This is now a popular tourist and camping area due to the pleasant climate. The oldest inn in Texas is located in Fort Davis.

Fort Stockton
Way out in far west West Texas, on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, Fort Stockton is a town full of "Old West" and "Old Texas" history.

Judge Roy Bean made this town famous when he named it after an English actress he was smitten with, Lillie Langtry, known as the "Jersey Lilly."

Marathon has a mild climate, attracting Texans, in winter, searching for warmth, there are many outdoor recreational opportunities, plus, Marathon is close to Mexico, the McDonald Observatory, Big Bend State Park and more.

Home of the mysterious "Marfa Lights," this tiny West Texas town plays host to thousands of visitors each year, who come to watch this unexplained light show. The lights have been viewed practically every night since 1883, but no one has yet been able to explain why they occur.

The "Oil and Gas Capital of Texas," There is more to Midland than oil.. In addition to being home to President George W. Bush, Midland also houses several museums and a minor-league baseball team.

This is oil country and also the location of 4,000 acres of Sahara-like sand dunes.

Known as the town that inspired the book and movie and TV show, "Friday Night Lights," Odessa has come a long way from its oil town boom days. Odessa is now home to a range of attractions, performing arts and events.

Famous for its cantaloupes, treasured by gourmets all over America.

Pine Springs and Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Pine Springs is the closest town to the headquarters of Guadalupe National Park, with Guadalupe Peak, the tallest mountain in Texas at 8,749 feet.

Presidio means garrison or fort in Spanish, which is fitting, because it was a fort for the Spaniards. Presidio remains much as it was during the Spanish era.

Designated the Cactus Capital of Texas, Sanderson is also known as "The Town Too Mean For Judge Roy Bean" and has the biggest Cinco de Mayo celebration in West Texas.

On the first Saturday in November thousands of Chiliheads meet here for the International Chili Cook-Off.

Van Horn
Several highways, including I-10 meet in Van Horn making it a popular overnight stay for travelers.

Roy Orbison's home town. With 2 sinkholes. And the Queen of Wink.

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