Friday, April 25, 2014

Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma

On the left you are looking at a blurb about Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma from our Eyes on Texas website home page.

As you can see by reading the first sentence, year after year our most visited webpage is not something located in Texas, it is our webpage about Turner Falls Park.

Currently the Turner Falls Park webpage is back being our most visited webpage, likely due to the spring weather being so conducive to outdoor fun in Oklahoma.

Turner Falls Park is a year round type destination. My favorite visit occurred in winter, during the first week of a new year, a few years ago. We have a webpage about that visit titled Turner Falls Park in Winter.

The first paragraph of the webpage chronicling our first visit to Turner Falls Park succinctly sums up why we like this park in Oklahoma....

In the Arbuckle Mountains, a few miles north of the Red River, across the Texas border, in Oklahoma, just off Interstate 35, on a 100 degree plus day in August, Eyes on Texas discovered one of the most scenic areas found yet while exploring Texas and surrounding environs. The travertine pools of Turner Falls Park were  filled with multitudes of people lounging in the water. The water is very warm, fed by crystal clear underground springs delivered by Honey Creek. Turner Falls Park has  steep cliffs, caves, beautiful trees, waterfalls, a castle and much more.

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