Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another Season of Waxahachie's Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival Ends Memorial Day Weekend

This upcoming Memorial Day Weekend marks the end of the 2014 season of the Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas.

The webpage we made documenting our one and only visit to Scarborough Faire, that being a visit made early in this century, became the most controversial webpage we have ever made, which you can see for yourself by visiting our Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival webpage, where you will see some of the reaction. Visit Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival Feedback where you will see even more of the interesting reactions to our take on what we experienced at Scarborough Faire.

Below are three paragraphs from our description of our Scarborough Faire experience....

Near the town of Waxahachie in the county of Ellis south of the town of Dallas a 16th Century English Village comes alive every Spring, celebrating a Renaissance Festival called Scarborough Faire.  Covering an area which seems as large as Six Flags (but with free parking) with over 200 Artisans and Crafts Stores, with Shows in 22 different venues, with Entertainment ranging from a Mud Pit Theatre in the Ground to Singing Executioners (very Texas appropriate) to Jousting (both men's and women's) to dozens of Purveyors of various Food and Drink items, from Smoothies to Beer, from Spinach Pie to Jalapeno Poppers from Fried Peasant Bread to Baklava with blessedly very little, if any, authentic English food. 

Throughout the Village graduates of the Scarborough  Academy of Performing Arts, along with all the costumed Visitors, give the Village a very authentic look and sound. 

Large numbers of Wenches in skimpy costumes barely containing heaving bosoms. Ladies in stifling finery braving the heat. Men in tights and pantaloons and armor. And a few Trolls and 21st Century Gawkers wandering about. Upon entry $22.00 for an adult, $10 for a child 12 and under, seems an expensive fare, but then the scope of Scarborough Faire reveals itself and the entry fee begins to seem a bargain...

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The comments from the Scarbies are hilarious.