Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lee Harvey Oswald Nick Beef Gravesite & The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge

If part of your visit to Fort Worth includes visiting the Gravesite of Lee Harvey Oswald, after your visit to the Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Burial Park, that being the location of the final resting place of Oswald, you might want to continue your trip to this particular dark side of American history by heading west a slight distance on East Lancaster Avenue where in the Urban Village of Handley you will find the Ozzie Rabbit Lodge.

Ozzie Rabbit was Lee Harvey Oswald's nickname when he was a member of the U.S. Marines, prior to defecting to the Soviet Union where he found himself a Russian bride named Marina.

The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge is decorated with memorabilia from the John F. Kennedy era.

Be assured, the Ozzie Rabbit Lodge is definitely not some sort of shrine to Lee Harvey Oswald, if you are among those who think that naming anything after anything to do with Lee Harvey Oswald is in bad taste.

Due to being the east side of Fort Worth's hippest watering hole, the Ozzie Rabbit Lodge is a popular night spot, at times.

For more information regarding the final resting place of Lee  Harvey Oswald, including directions on how to find his gravesite and the Nick Beef gravesite next to him, go to our LEE HARVEY OSWALD GRAVESITE webpage, where you will also a link to video we took of the trek to find the Oswald gravesite.

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