Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hippie Hollow Skinny Dipping At The Only Legal Clothing Optional Public Park In Texas

What you are looking at here is a screen cap from a Durango Texas blog post from June 1, 2008 which documented our Clothing Optional Hippie Hollow Nude Beach in Austin experience.

Hippie Hollow has a Facebook page.

Wikipedia also has a Hippie Hollow page.

The Hippie Hollow Facebook page uses the Wikipedia article as its source for Hippie Hollow information.

From that information we learn that Hippie Hollow Park used to be known as McGregor County Park. The Hippie Hollow land is owned by the Lower Colorado River Authority, which is the governmental entity responsible for Travis Lake, which is the lake one skinny dips in at Hippie Hollow.

The Lower Colorado River Authority leased the Hippie Hollow Park area to Travis County whose Parks Department has been in charge of the only legally recognized clothing optional public park in Texas since 1985.

If you go to Hippie Hollow expecting to find a nice sandy beach you may be disappointed to instead find a rugged, rocky cove that can be a bit adventuresome to traverse.

This area of Lake Travis was known as a skinny dipping swimming zone for years. Then, during the American Cultural Revolution of the 1960s it became more popular than ever as a free-spirited destination. It was after the rock festival known as Woodstock that the name Hippie Hollow came in to existence.

In the 1970s the increase in skinny dipping drew some complaints, making Hippie Hollow a bit controversial, but the Travis County sheriff at the time, Raymond Frank, wisely decided it was better for the county's cops to focus on more serious offenses than skinny dipping, thus rendering Hippie Hollow to be the only legally recognized public park in Texas where it is not considered a crime to swim without a swimsuit.

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