Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Town In West Texas Named After Kermit Roosevelt

The bearded guy looking like he's ready for some South American jungle trekking is named Kermit.

Kermit Roosevelt.

Son of a United States President named Theodore Roosevelt, Kermit Roosevelt was born October 10, 1889, died June 4, 1943 from a self inflicted gun shot wound whilst Kermit was serving in the army, stationed in Alaska during World War II.

Kermit Roosevelt was plagued by depression and alcoholism for much of his life.

At some point in time early in the last century, maybe around 1916, Kermit Roosevelt stayed at the T Bar Ranch in northern Winkler County in West Texas. Kermit was staying at the T Bar Ranch to hunt antelope.

Apparently Kermit Roosevelt left quite an impression on the West Texas locals because soon after his visit a new town was named Kermit, in his honor.

After becoming a town Kermit has gone through periods of population gain and loss, with the ups and downs following oil booms and busts.

The population of Kermit, at last count in 2000, was 5,714.

No information could be found regarding whether or not Kermit Roosevelt ever returned to visit Kermit after the town was named after him.

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