Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lost in Dinosaur Valley State Park

As you can see on the list of links on the right I have an Eyes on Texas Facebook page.

Today Facebook repeatedly suggested I enable an automatic posting feature where a Facebook post gets posted as an Eyes on Texas Twitter post.

Not really understanding what this would do I enabled it, thinking that the Twitter tweet would somehow link back to the Facebook post.

Instead the Twitter tweet linked to the link in the Facebook post which linked to my original Dinosaur Valley State Park page on my Eyes on Texas website.

So, a person seeing the blurb of text on Twitter, when clicking on the link, does not go to the Facebook source of that text, instead they go where that text does not exist.


Below is the text in the post on Facebook about Dinosaur Valley State Park of which Twitter tweeted the first few words.....

The best hiking and mountain biking that I have experienced in North Texas has been in Dinosaur Valley State Park, located near Glen Rose and the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. 

I sort of enjoy getting lost. 

I've been lost on the Dinosaur Valley trails both hiking and biking, with the best/worst lost experience occurring on a Christmas Day.

I did not realize the park would be pretty much empty on Christmas Day, with no one at the entry gate. I pedaled for hours, telling myself to keep track of the various junctions and colored trail markers.

But, as the sun began to set I realized I was not where I thought I was. 

I was lost. 

As darkness began to set in I began pondering hiding the bike in the brush and moving as fast as I could on foot. Right about then I got my bearings.

I think this may be the last time I've been lost.

Until today when I got lost in Facebook and Twitter.........

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