Sunday, September 14, 2014

Visiting Zebra at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

If you are visiting the Hill Country zone that surrounds Glen Rose there are two nearby attractions you need to visit.

One is Dinosaur Valley State Park.

The other is the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

The intro blurb from my Eyes on Texas website's webpage about the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center sums up how I felt about the experience.

Located near Glen Rose and Dinosaur Valley, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is the most entertaining attraction we have yet found in north Texas. The lively wildlife, the many visitors, the well-designed park, the scenery. This place even managed to have several very steep hills, both uphill and downhill, so steep they required 'shift to low gear' signs. Steepest road grades we have seen in Texas. 

The drive through Fossil Rim is basically one surprise after another. I had never had a a zebra stick its head in my window before. Or try to bit a chunk out of my steering wheel.

I don't think I have ever added so many photos to a webpage as I did on the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center webpage.

I also do not believe I ever experienced, before or since, as much interaction with wildlife as I did the day I visited Fossil Rim. In addition to the zebra, I also got close with an ostrich, a giraffe and a laughing goat. To name a few of the more memorable encounters.

After I webpaged my experience I got email from Fossil Rim, after which a few emails were exchanged. And then Fossil Rim mailed me a Season's Pass for two, along with four guest  passes. All good for a year.

None of which I got around to using. I have long intended to  return to makes videos. But never have.

I have never been much of a fan of zoos. Although zoos have greatly improved, losing much of that animals in prison cages feel, replaced with simulated natural habitats.

At the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center you definitely do not feel like you are visiting a zoo. It feels more like you are taking a drive through the natural habitat of hundreds of wild animals having themselves a mighty fine time interacting with the visitors.

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