Monday, November 24, 2014

Granbury Texas

What you are looking at on the left is the Hood County Courthouse in Granbury, Texas.

Granbury may be our favorite Texas small town, of the small Texas towns which we have had the pleasure to visit, with more visits to Granbury than any other small Texas town.

Granbury puts on excellent festivals, centered on its historic Courthouse Square which surrounds the Courthouse.

Festivals like General Granbury's Birthday.

The 4th of July Parade in Granbury is well worth enduring the July heat.

Lake Granbury sort of surrounds Granbury, adding to its scenic setting. Lake Granbury is an impoundment of the Brazos River, with four parks on the lake. You can swim, fish, float a boat, water ski, canoe and kayak on Lake Granbury. That is, when the lake is full of water. The current North Texas drought has most North Texas lakes, including Lake Granbury, running low on water.

There have been many a time a stop has been made at a Granbury restaurant on the way to or from nearby attractions, like the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center or Dinosaur Valley State Park, that is, unless the hunger pangs are too strong upon leaving Fossil Rim or Dinosaur Valley, resulting in a restaurant stop in Glen Rose, yet one more small Texas town with a county courthouse square, with Glen Rose being the county seat of Somervell County.

Of the many restaurants located around Granbury's Courthouse Square, our favorite is Babe's Chicken Dinner House. Babe's is always good, whether at the original Babe's in Roanoke, or any of the other Babe's which has opened this century.

Go to our Eyes on Texas website to the webpage about Granbury for more information about the history of Granbury, such as how the town got its name, restaurants, places to stay and other attractions, such as the Granbury Riverboat which you can float for brunch, lunch or dinner, with live entertainment, including a Murder Mystery Cruise.

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