Friday, November 21, 2014

Is Jesse James Wanted Dead or Alive in Granbury Texas?

Two of our most visited Eyes on Texas webpages have to do with murder victims.

The most visited of those two murderous webpages is about one of the most notorious murder victims of all time. Lee Harvey Oswald.

The 51st Anniversary of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and the man Oswald assassinated, President John F. Kennedy, occurs in just a couple days.

The second most visited of our two murderous webpages is titled The Truth About Jesse James.

For the most part the truth referenced has to do with whether or not Jesse James survived the assassination attempt by Bob Ford, then somehow eventually made it to Granbury, Texas, where he lived out his life, dying in 1951, alleged to be buried in a Granbury cemetery.

The Jesse James in a Granbury grave allegations reached the point where an exhumation occurred, with the post-mortem examination quickly determining a wrong body had been dug up. If I remember right further exhumations were not allowed.

And so the rumor persists, that Jesse James survived Bob Ford's bullets to find his final resting place in a pleasant small town in Texas called Granbury.

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he is dead