Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dallas Farmers Market

That would be my mom appearing to be sucking on a bitter lemon. My mom found that bitter lemon in Dallas at the Dallas Farmers Market, a couple years ago.

When visitors visit me from the Pacific Northwest and want to see the tourist highlights in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex zone the Dallas Farmers Market is one of the places I take them.

And, invariably people from the Pacific Northwest will remark that the Dallas Farmers Market reminds them of Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Which is understandable because both markets sell a lot of produce of various sorts. The Dallas Farmers Market is a bit less scenic than Seattle's Pike Place Market though, what with no elevation changes, no overlooking a large body of saltwater, with mountain ranges in every direction and not being in the heart of the downtown zone with skyscrapers close by.

The Dallas Farmers Market is sprawling though. And you can find something you won't find in Seattle's Pike Place Market, as in acres of palm trees for sale.

The Dallas Farmers Market is easy to find, located directly north of I-30 on the southeast side of downtown Dallas, with the street address being 1010 South Pearl Street. The Dallas Farmers Market is open 7 days a week, from 8am til 6pm, all but three days of the year. I think those closed days are Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

You can go to my Eyes on Texas webpage about the Dallas Farmers Market for more pictures of my mom, plus many more pictures of the Dallas Farmers Market and additional information.

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