Sunday, October 12, 2014

White Rock Lake in Dallas

The pair of fishermen you are looking at here are on a dock on White Rock Lake. That would be the skyline of downtown Dallas to the west.

The State Fair of Texas takes place a few miles to the southwest of where these guys are fishing.

The first time I saw White Rock Lake it reminded me of Green Lake in Seattle. Only White Rock Lake is bigger, its amenities are more varied, its trail is longer and you are not allowed to swim in White Rock Lake.

I do not know why swimming is banned in White Rock Lake. Kayaking is allowed.

The paved trail around White Rock Lake is 9.3 miles long. There are multiple docks and piers of various sorts, and boat launch locations, as well as a marina. The Dallas Arboretum is located at the south end of the lake. There is a dog park at the northwest edge of White Rock Lake.

Go to my Eyes on Texas webpage about White Rock Lake for more pictures, information and directions.

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